1. Tree Planting
    With the youth on the date proposed by the Environmental Group. In principle, the planting will take place in the first week of February, on Saturday 3rd and 10th. The activity will consist of planting approximately 100 trees in the South area of the city of Zaragoza.
  2. Kayaking + Dragon Boat Activity.
    The kayaking activity, also known as canoeing or kayaking, is a water sport that involves paddling in a small boat known as a kayak or canoe. The Dragon Boat is a type of vessel of Chinese origin, consisting of 10 or 20 paddlers, plus one person (usually a child or someone who is lightweight) who keeps the rhythm with a drum and the paddling, and a helmsman, who is responsible for the boat's rudder and for giving the appropriate orders to the rowers and the drummer. It is a vessel where cooperation, teamwork, and a good atmosphere are emphasized. 
  3. Orientation 
    Orientation is an accessible sport that can be practiced in any urban environment, and in this case, it will be carried out in the city of Zaragoza. This choice is due to the fact that many parks in the city have been meticulously mapped to facilitate this activity, offering a variety of routes and specific challenges. It is important to note that, although most provide an accurate representation of the terrain, there may be areas or elements on the maps that do not reflect recent changes in the environment, which poses an additional challenge when carrying out the activity. 
  4. Parkour
    Parkour, also known as the 'art of displacement,' is a physical discipline focused on the ability to move from one point to another in an environment in an efficient and quick manner, primarily using the abilities of the human body.
  5. Walk for the gifted No_Limits
    On the occasion of the walker's day, on September 15, 2024, a walk will be held. The goal is to raise visibility for the project.